About Us

Smoxygen is a New Jersey founded company that deals with the sale of Hookahs. The company was founded out of the passion for Hookahs. As the founders, we saw a need to replace the short-term, low-quality, and unreliable pipes that had flooded the market for a long time. We decided to curate a collection that would not only be of high quality but one that would also be remarkable instead. A collection that would have you looking forward to having that next hookah session.

Our specialty is in importing unique and innovative Hookahs. We spend a significant amount of time researching every single product we intend to stock. We delve deep into every detail that makes these Hookahs what they are. This is to ensure we provide only the best to our customers. We place immense value on customer satisfaction, and well, it doesn't end there. 

Since we are customer-oriented, we provide a fine selection of products that align with your preferences.  This goes a long way in ensuring you enjoy your pipe even further. We also want to be a one-stop-shop for all our customers, which is why we also stock up on tobacco, bowls, mouthpieces, hoses, and valves. We take all our products through a rigorous quality assurance program. This is to ensure they are the best match for the Hookah pipes we also supply and that they pass the highest standards set for them. 

We are not like most companies that care more about making money. What makes us stand out is that we care about the community in general. We also realize that there is a much deeper relationship a person has with a Hookah than just a simple smoke.  Smoxygen knows that a Hookah can be an even stronger and more powerful social device. A Hookah can bring friends together and be the source of a unique sense of happiness for them.

At Smoxygen, we acknowledge that its our way of living and not just a thing we randomly do. Smoxygen brings families and friends together for a high-quality smoking session and an amazing time.  We are highly experienced in the field, and as such, you can count on us for the most excellent grade of Hookahs. We know exactly what is needed in making them that good.