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Afzal Rasmalai is an Indian type of cheesecake flavor. Rich and creamy topped with saffron trace. Afzal's Rasmalai hookah tobacco aims to recreate the essence of the traditional Rasmalai dessert. Rasmalai is a milk-based dessert made with soft, spongy cheese dumplings soaked in sweetened, flavored milk. The flavor profile of Afzal's Rasmalai attempts to capture the key elements of this beloved dessert.

When you smoke Afzal's Rasmalai flavor, you can expect a blend of creamy, milky, and sweet notes. The flavor typically offers a rich and indulgent taste, resembling the sweetness and creaminess of the actual Rasmalai dessert.

  • Medium Strength 
  • Fine Cut Tobacco
  • Intense Smoke 

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