Kong Lava Ice

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Each bowl by Kong is a high quality product and original design solution. The Kong ICE model is not only a functional hookah bowl but also a stylish accessory. Ice bowl is presented in popular killer shape.
The bowls are made of clay and processed by using modern milk firing or simply glazing with milk techniques which prevents the syrup from absorbing into the porous structure of the bowl.
Ice is a medium sized bowl . This bowl is a great option for smokers at home and small hookah establishments.
Aesthetic design and ice-shaped pattern goes nicely with modern hookahs.
The Kong ICE killer bowl option will be appreciated by experienced smokers who choose stronger tobacco options and quality accessories for smoking. You can order the Kong Ice Bowl hookah bowl on our website or at our NJ location.Kong has established itself as a liable manufacturer on the hookah market and KONG products are associated with quality and durability.

Average filling for Lava Bowl by Kong is 18-23G.

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