MattPear Simple M Ball White

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Matt Pear Simple M Ball model is probably the most iconic of the russian pipe scene. MattPear has been manufacturing pipes since 2015 which makes them one of the first manufacturers in Russia and now also one of the largest. From design perspective the models are characterized by extremely easy handling and a timeless features which range from magnetic hose connections and removable column elements to a standard closed chamber system. In terms of smoke technology Matt Pear hookahs utilize typical  diameters which are neither too limited nor too open.


  • Central part with decorative ball in the middle
  • Smooth smoking
  • Stem is fully collapsible with threaded connections
  • Soft-touch silicone hose 
  • Stainless mouthpiece 
  • Stainless steel tray
  • Transparent glass base
  • Hose connects to the stem port by magnet
  • Approximate height is 47cm/18.5inches
  • Shaft diameter is 12mm/0.47inches
  • Base compatible with this hookah you can find HERE

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