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ALpha Hookah Misha- is a budget, stylish novelty from  Alpha Hookah team, manufactured for those who appreciate practicality and style.


The hookah is made of stainless steel, and the overlay is made of polyacetal. The overlay is BLACK MATTE color. Misha is made as a stick type of hookah and decorated with street style patterns to perform the main concept of the model - style, freedom and audacity.


The hookah saucer is also made of stainless steel and painted in the same color as the shaft. and decorated with patterns in the same style. The main feature is a keychain attached to a saucer in the form of a balaclava.


The mouthpiece is made of stainless steel with a BLACK polyacetal overlay in the form of a comfortable handle. This solution of interaction with the mouthpiece is more comfortable. The height of the hookah is approximately 36 cm - it will be convenient to take it with you, and it will also fit perfectly as the first hookah! Cool budget, high-quality version.


All this is packed in the coolest bright box with a handle, in which you can very conveniently carry the hookah.


Misha hookahs are budget, stylish stainless steel hookah devices, these hookahs are very comfortable to use, and absolutely indestructible due to the use of high-quality stainless steel.  Misha hookahs look cool and modern, made in the form of a stick hookah and have an average draft . Mishas also come just in a bombastic, bright box - which is very catchy!


The kit includes:




Silicone hose (standard or soft touch)



No base included 

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