Al Fakher: brand, taste, characteristics

The legend. Once upon a time hookah industry was born from this… Al Fakher!

It’s one of the oldest hookah tobacco brands from the UAE. Al Fakher production spreads fast all over the world and receives a wide popularity and consumer recognition. At the moment Al Fakher's products are sold in 85 countries.

Brand and product

During its existence the manufacturer has repeatedly changed the product’s formula which affected quality and habits of smoking. In 2020 the company rebranded and redesigned the packaging which we see up to this day.

Al Fakher tobacco has several lines which differ in strength and flavor shades. However they are rarely found anywhere, so at first it may seem that the brand has nothing to offer except for simple mono-tastes. Today we will break down the myth.

Al Faker hookah tobacco is loved everywhere due to the affordable price and a well-developed line of flavors: from classic to completely atypical. Today the company's assortment includes more than 100 types of hookah tobacco flavors. At Smoxygen Store we collected the best of the best: more than 25 flavors available in 50 gr and 250 gr packages. 

Al Fakher brand has many hookah flavors with truly rich taste. More than 25 flavors for your enjoyment at Smoxygen Store! Smoke it solo or create your perfect mixes. 

Let’s take a look into Al Fakher’s pros and cons!


  • Convenient, fine slicing
  • Low cost
  • Availability
  • High heat resistance
  • Pleasant taste 


  • Insufficient degree of tobacco humidity 
  • Lack of new unusual tastes

How to pack Al Fakher

Al Fakher is perfect for beginners who’re just learning how to pack bowls correctly. This hookah tobacco is versatile and unpretentious. Al Fakher has a very fine slicing so it doesn’t need extra cutting. Due to the fact that the tobacco mixture isn’t too abundantly soaked in syrup we don’t recommend squeezing it. This Virginia based tobacco is comparatively light – the nicotine content is only 0.5%.

It is recommended to pack Al Fakher on Turkish types of bowls. Fluff the tobacco and make a hole in the middle if desired. Smoke with 3 charcoal cubes of 25 mm.


Here’re some mixes with Al Fakher flavors:

  1. Al Fakher Vanilla 20% – Element Pineapple 30% – Chaos Muscle Man 50% 
  2. Al Fakher Cinnamon 10% – Al Fakher Strawberry Cream 60% – Element Belgian Waffle 30%
  3. Al Fakher Kiwi 50% – Al Fakher Grape 30% – Al Fakher Guava 20% 

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