Musthave Tobacco

Musthave Undercoal is a heat-resistant medium strength hookah tobacco.

It was first presented in 2017 and the sale launched in 2018. Let's talk a little about the brand’s philosophy? The manufacturers are sure that Musthave hookah tobacco has optimal strength and incredible aromatics. Hence the meaning of the name – tobacco that everyone should buy and try. Indeed, shisha tobacco has gained huge popularity, despite its young history. At the moment, Musthave tobacco is in the top among European tobacco brands.

About the product

Musthave is manufactured at one of the leading tobacco factories, which indicates automated and high-tech tobacco production. The company uses a multi-stage technology for testing raw materials in the manufacture. All of these favorably affect the finished product characteristics.

Musthave tobacco is a fine cut leaf of medium strength with an abundant syrup content. Natural, bright and juicy flavors give the product more saturated hookah flavor notes. Experts from Japan, Europe and the USA have worked on the shisha tastes. It also indicates the high quality of the product.

Burley tobacco leaf from seven different countries is used as raw material. Musthave tobacco has medium heat resistance. It doesn’t withstand overheating well, but the taste can be restored.

A plastic container (jar) is used for Musthave packaging, which allows tightness without harming the aroma and shisha tobacco taste. The package is tactilely pleasing to hold, it is convenient and practical to use.

It is worth paying attention to the packaging design. Manufacturers have tried to cool the branding of their jars. The laconic, but stylish cap design at the same time with the logo image gives the product high cost appearance.

You can smoke Musthave with any bowl, depending on your wishes. Both classic and phunnel bowls perfectly suit it. Musthave tobacco is in some sense "conservative", it does not require unnecessary preparation and manipulations for packing, it’s enough to pack it in a classic way and enjoy smoky relaxation.

Shisha flavors are abundantly impregnated with syrup, but the manufacturers do not recommend squeezing it out so as not to feel throat hit. In mixes with more heat-resistant tobacco, it is better to put it in the bottom layer of the packing.

About tastes

  1. Apple Drops — Juicy natural taste of sweet fresh mouth watering apple candies.
  2. Banana Mama – Sweet delicious South American banana aroma.
  3. Berry Holls – Refreshing aroma of fresh wild berries, seasoned with the cold breath of eucalyptus.
  4. Cherry-Cola – Sweet and sour, changing in the process. The flavor is based on cola with wild sweet garden cherry notes.
  5. Cranberry – Ripe northern cranberries harvested in wild forests.
  6. Forest berries – Mix of fresh wild berries with blackberry shades.
  7. Grapefruit – Sweet and sour mix of pink and white grapefruit.
  8. Honey Holls – Refreshing taste of a frosty winter day with a warming aroma of tart sweet honey.
  9. Kiwi Smoothie – Australian kiwi flavored with peppermint and apple juice.
  10. Lemon-Lime – Citrus mix based on ripe lime and slices of juicy Sicilian lemon.
  11. Mango Sling — The taste of refreshing lemonade based on Thai mango with spices and mint.
  12. Melonade – Rich taste of lemonade, made with watermelon juice, slices of melon and barberry syrup.
  13. Milky Rice – Surprisingly gentle flavor of sweet milk rice pudding.
  14. Mulled Wine — Warmed spice semi-sweet red wine with slices of orange and apples.
  15. Orange Team – Natural sweet and sour orange with tangerine.
  16. Pinkman – A flagman mix of pink grapefruit and strawberries with raspberry syrup.
  17. Raspberry – Rich natural sweet taste of homemade raspberry jam.
  18. Space Flavor – Mango, passion fruit and lychee with rose petals.
  19. Strawberry Lychee – Forest strawberries melting in the mouth and exotic ripe lychee.
  20. Tropic Juice – Unusually rich blend of pineapple and exotic passion fruit.
  21. Unicorn treats — Sweet crispy corn sticks with creamy shades of meringue and marshmallow.
  22. Pineapple rings — Ripe and extremely juicy pineapple.
Musthave tobacco

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