Best Trifecta Shisha Flavors Tobacco

It seems that all possible shisha tobacco flavors have been created for a long time. And really, what is there not in hookah range. But today we will surprise you again and tell you about a new and completely unique manufacturer of hookah tobacco — Trifecta Hookah Tobacco. Its lines include amazing flavors, which we will describe below. But let’s start with the brand?

Trifecta is a relatively new tobacco brand and is very unusual in its aroma. It’s produced in the United States and is popular with connoisseurs of original strong flavors. It has a unique aroma that isn’t typical for other products from the USA. A great choice for those who’re looking for something new.

Trifecta shisha tobacco has been produced since 2014. It has gained popularity thanks to interesting mixes and high-quality tobacco.

The manufacturer produces two lines of Trifecta tobacco: classic and strong. It’s available in cans of 100, 250g and 1 kg.

Trifecta lines:

The Trifecta brand today offers two lines of hookah tobacco:

  • Blonde Leaf Hookah Tobacco – light tobacco made from light Virginia leaves;
  • Dark Leaf Tobacco – strong mixtures based on Burley tobacco leaves.

The «Blonde» collection includes more than 20 flavors. As a rule, these are subtle fruit or floral aromas. Tobacco’s sold in packs of 250g. In each of them there are the golden leaves of medium–sized slicing and with a moderate amount of syrup (the Blonde line) or dark Burley leaves (the Black line).

Dark Leaf Tobacco is created for real professionals. These flavors are very powerful with a rich aroma. Fruit-based fragrances are also found in the line, but their smell is more pronounced than in Blonde Line.

So, Trifecta Hookah Tobacco is really something new. The original flavors will appeal to both beginners and experienced smokers. Two lines of tobacco give a wide range of tastes to make you try something unusual according to the preferences.

Trifecta Flavors

  • Trifecta Black
    1. Apple Pie — delicate apple pie with light notes of cinnamon;
    2. The Twist — sweet watermelon with lemon and cooler;
    3. Cool Cinnamon Gum — cinnamon with cooler;
    4. Death By Ice — cold peppermint;
    5. Durty Mint — lime with lemon and peppermint;
    6. Earl Grey — bergamot;
    7. Hipster Mint — sweet peppermint;
    8. Lychee — juicy lychee;
    9. Morning Glory — rich coffee with vanilla notes;
    10. Pearfect — juicy pear;
    11. Peppermint Shake — vanilla cream and mint candies;
    12. Pineapple — rich ripe pineapple;
    13. Raspberry — bright forest raspberry;
    14. TKO — chocolate with hazelnut;
    15. True Grape — white grape;
    16. Ventura Peach — California Peach;

  • Trifecta Blonde
    1. BDS — Juicy peach with sweet melon;
    2. Blue Strawberry - mix strawberry and blueberry;
    3. Bohemian Mix — bright vanilla with spices (cardamom and cinnamon);
    4. Bona Fide — ripe banana with cinnamon and a light note of cloves;
    5. Cherry Berry —  mix of raspberries, blackberries and cherries;
    6. Coconut Ginger — creamy coconut with ginger;
    7. Cucumber Mojito — refreshing cucumber with lime and mint;
    8. Huckleberry — forest blueberry;
    9. Iced Orange Mint — orange with mint;
    10. Lemon Mint — lemon with mint;
    11. Mango Smoothie — mango with vanilla and cream;
    12. Melon Melange — ripe honey melon with sweet watermelon;
    13. Moro Zest — red orange;
    14. Mountain Fog — citrus soda with lemon and lime;
    15. Nawar — floral fragrance of roses, lavender and jasmine;
    16. P3 — Candy Skittles
    17. Peppermint Shake — vanilla cream and mint candies;
    18. Pineapple Guava — juicy pineapple with tropical guava;
    19. Pumpkin Somethin — delicate pumpkin with cream;
    20. Raspberry Lemon Roll — raspberry and lemon creamy dessert;
    21. Spiced Java — coffee with cinnamon and cloves;
    22. TNT — ripe mango with grapefruit and mint;
    23. Twice The Ice — cooler;
    24. Vanilla — solo taste of sweet delicate vanilla, similar to marshmallow;
    25. Vertigo — melon with watermelon and mint.

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