How to take care of your hookah bowls

Hookah bowls are made of different materials, starting with clay and ending with silicone. Each of these products differs from the other ones  in characteristics and operational features. For example, clay contains pores where heated air enters, silicone does not absorb odors, and top-glazures is easily washed from dirt.

In this article we will give you recommendations for this hookah accessory care. Use our tips and you will forget about care issues of a particular tobacco bowl forever!


The first usage should be approached responsibly. In order for the bowl to serve you for a long time and retain its operational properties, it should be properly prepared. Follow our hookah recommendations:

1. Any bowl should be washed in warm water: dirt, dust and remnants of production elements from manufacture can reside on it.

2. After washing it must be dried by wiping it with a cloth and placing it in a dry place. Do not rush to pack the bowl with tobacco because impatience plays against you.

3. Clay cups are soaked in the warm water. To do this, the accessory is put into the liquid for a few minutes, after which it is dried under the sun. This procedure reduces the risk of cracks and helps to preserve the operational properties of the product.

4. Do not overheat tobacco in a bowl. Remember that sudden temperature changes can lead to damage.

5. After hookah smoking, charcoal and tobacco should be removed. Wait until the bowl cools and only then wash it in the water.

6. When this part has cooled down, rinse it with warm water, then dry it and leave it for storage for the next session.

Focusing on the presented tips during your first bowl packaging, you will not have to buy a new device. 

The features of hookah bowl washing

The hookah bowl should be washed in a special way. We emphasize on the fact that it cannot be cleaned with chemical detergents – the product quickly absorbs odors and releases them when smoking. There are some special hookah detergents for shisha detail, but sometimes it is hard to find them in the USA. Next, we will present useful recommendations that will help you clean the bowl and protect it from foreign odors.

To begin with, we note that regardless of the material, the shisha bowl should be washed in warm water. You can use hookah brushes, sponge and a soft cloth, washing the whole product. 

Now let's talk about alternative cleaning products that can be used to clean the bowl:

Citric acid. It can be used for cleaning the silicone bowls, but this substance has a negative effect on clay, so choose another cleaning component.

There are some recommendations on the internet related to bowl boiling. They advise putting a bowl into boiling water or in an oven to overheat it. Unfortunately, this is not true. The clogged clay pores will not become cleaner, but the bowl will definitely crack. If there is a lot of syrup in a bowl pores  just change it to the new one.

You can also use a cotton swab to remove the remaining syrup.

Hookah bowl storage

Storing a hookah bowl should be given no less attention than cleaning it. It is recommended to place the product in a soft cloth or paper. But it also can be a plain dry shelf or other space. The storage place should be out of reach of sunlight.

Before reusing the bowl, it should be rinsed with water again and dried to eliminate accumulated dust and other contaminants.

With proper care hookah bowls will serve you for a long time. Nevertheless we recommend changing the product every 3-4 months depending on the smoking frequency even if the bowl remains usable. If any part is damaged, its appearance is spoiled or the cracks appear we recommend changing the bowl. Otherwise, the smoking experience will be spoiled.

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