Mint hookah flavor: everything you should know about it

Mint is one of the most controversial and, at the same time, interesting additives for hookah. It is worth preparing such a hookah in compliance with some nuances. Otherwise, you can spoil the rest with unexpected effects.

In this article we will tell you which shisha tobacco for a hookah with mint flavor to choose if you want to make a delicious and interesting mint hookah of different strength.


Hookah with mint was invented by numerous experiments. Someone was trying to add freshness on a hot day this way, someone was chasing the taste. As a result, it was revealed that mint works perfectly in the following directions:

  • Softens strong hookah tobacco;
  • Gives the smoke a throat-chilling effect;
  • Gives minty flavor to the mixes;
  • Slightly cools the pipes or tobacco in a hookah bowl;
  • Tones, invigorates.

Mint is rarely used for smoking in its pure form. Relaxation may be too strong, and the taste is too rough. The best combinations are the ones with fruity mixes.

Types of mint flavors 

Mint is one of the most popular flavors of hookah tobacco. Very few people smoke these tastes solo, usually just mint serves as a small addition to any mix. Be careful, in most cases adding more than 20% of mint may be excessive.

There’re various directions of mint hookah flavors:

  • Peppermint: sweet and a bit cool taste. Pretty much the same different syrups
  • Mint gum: as a gum with mint. That’s it
  • Menthol or cooler: gives freezing effect. A strong cooler for hookah 
  • Melissa: something like the peppermint, but have different herbal hint

How to use mint: the more the better?

No. We recommend using 10-20% mint shisha tobacco while packing your bowl. It’s ok for a cool or herbal taste, but you should be careful. Especially with the unknown or new brand. 

Using more than 20% can lead to a bowl’s “overcooling” , and the rest of the aromas in the mix will feel less rich.

Menthol = traditions? 

Some brands really love using mint or menthol in their hookah tobacco. For example, Turkish brands such as Adalya Tobacco or Serbetli often use these freezy tones in their mixtures.

It makes hookah fresh and interesting. You can find many flavors on our website!

Some ideas of mint hookah tastes

Lets meet 5 mint flavors from our store?

  • Tangiers – Cane Mint
  • Pleasant notes of mint with good strength delight the receptors, when all other freshness is boring, you may want more mint flavor. One of the top!

  • Tangiers – Wintergreen Noir
  • Strong tea with frosty freshness and light sour berries aftertaste finished by herbal tone.

  • Azure – Rio Mint Black Line 
  • Classic sweet mint.

  • Trifecta Hipster Mint Black 
  • Traditional green mint taste.

  • Al Fakher – Mint 
  • Pure mint in an excellent performance. The aroma is almost one-to-one with the repeated taste of mint essential oil.

  • Adalya Tobacco – Mint 
  • Very fragrant mint, but the taste is less bright than the smell. It smokes quite well both clean and in mixes. Soft and pleasant. There are many other mixed flavors with shades of freezy flavors.

    Hookah with mint has a very interesting taste and effect. It is especially appreciated in hot weather, as a way to cool down and relax at the same time. There are different ways to prepare such a hookah, so every smoke enthusiast will be able to choose the best option for using "chill" for himself.