Hookah on fruit: pros and cons


Hookah on fruit almost instantly became a trend in the hookah world. It is considered one of the most delicious, fragrant, and juicy since tobacco absorbs the fullness of fruit aroma.

Fruit bowls as an alternative to clay ones

On the one hand, using fruits instead of clay bowls is a one–time process. But on the other hand, its specificity provides a uniquely rich aroma. That’s what hookah fans from all over the world love it for. In this article, we’ll reveal  the main nuances of making hookah on fruit.

Pros and cons of fruit hookahs

Let's start by objectively looking at both sides: the advantages and disadvantages of fruit hookahs. So, among their key advantages are the following:

  • Rich natural aroma and taste, which cannot be obtained by any chemical method.
  • The possibility of prolonged hookah smoking because fruit juice prevents the rapid drying of tobacco.
  • The ability to smoke fruit hookah for an order of magnitude longer than usual, since tobacco smolders on warmed fruit very slowly. In addition, a fruit bowl can hold more tobacco than a classic clay bowl.
  • The aesthetic appeal of such a hookah and the opportunity to take beautiful stylish photos with friends.

However, beautiful hookahs with fruits-made bowls have some disadvantages:

  • Since  fruit consumes a large amount of heat, it is necessary to maintain a high temperature throughout the entire smoking time;
  • Preparing a fruit bowl requires certain skills and time;
  • Consumption of tobacco and coals for fruit hookah is also increased;
  • As already noted, a fruit hookah bowl is a disposable thing, despite its rather long preparation.
The main types of fruit hookahs

If desired, you can prepare a hookah on almost any fruit – as long as it’s dense enough and quickly processed to shape the bowl. However, there’re some of the most popular fruits that’re best suited for such purposes: orange, pineapple, pomegranate.

So, you decided to try hookah on fruit. Which one should you choose? To begin with, you can rely on your taste preferences. What’s more to your taste? The sweetness of pineapple? Sweet and sour orange? Fresh apple or bitter grapefruit? Once you decide on your "fruit" preferences, it’ll become easier to make a choice.

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