How to pack a Hookah bowl


Packing by layers is a nice method to smoke several flavors at the same time. First you’ll taste the top layer, then the middle one and at the end the lower one on an exhalation. 

Just put tobacco layers on top of each other. Do not forget to put non-heat resistant tobacco on the bottom of your bowl to prevent their burning. More stable tobacco such as Azure or Element can be on a top layer. You can find any sorts of tobacco at our store in New Jersey!


Packing by sections implies a brighter feeling of each taste separately. They reveal themselves together and at the same time do not interrupt each other. This scoring is suitable if you want to feel all the flavor notes as clearly as possible. The packing of a hookah bowl should be fluffy.


Mixing tobacco into one mass allows you to evenly warm up the whole mix and highlight flavors in accordance with the proportion.

While choosing the flavors for packing a bowl you should be aware that some tastes are more intense than the others. Use your knowledge and experience while observing the proportions. It is also a good idea to mix different tobacco flavors from different brands at the same time to create a truly unique mix.

Enjoy tobaccos and vapors while experimenting with packing. Remember that there is a wide range of hookah tobacco in our shop in New Jersey. Visit our Hookah Store in NJ or place an order on our website for quick delivery to any city across the USA!

How to pack a hookah bowl