Why Does The Hookah bowl make a Difference

How does the style and the shape of the hookah bowl affect the quality of smoking? 
The strength, the amount of vapor and the duration of smoking depend widely on the bowl kind.  Some bowls are suitable for stronger tobacco types while others are perfect for light ones. 
There are  2 most common hookah bowls types. Simply put, there are differences on a bowl's top element and on a base-side, putting on a cone with a head gasket. Each of them have special subcategories.

Phunnel form.
Phunnel bowls have many advantages. Phunnel bowls have a raised draw hole that rises up in the middle of the bowl with a single air intake on top. 
Because of the unique phunnel design, syrup from the shisha stays inside the bowl during the whole hookah session which keeps the flavor for a longer time.  Although the heat  cannot flow through the tobacco mixture because there is only one hole in the center of the bowl the shisha is heated evenly, tobacco leaves do not fully reveal their strength, which makes phunnel an excellent choice for dark leaf tobaccos. 


All modern phunnels are mostly glazed in order to prevent molasses from soaking into the porous walls. The bottom is usually flat or rounded depending on the permissible tobacco amount (often from 0,53 oz to 1 oz).
These bowls were created mostly for the syrupy tobacco brands such as American Starbuzz or Fumari and evolved over the years to new heights and became very popular all over the world.

Phunnel Form Oblako Bowl

Phunnel Form by Oblako Bowl.


Pico, Alien and Harmony.

Pico bowls have high walls and flat bottom therefore it is recommended not to exceed the height of the raised center and to keep a gap between the edge of the bowl and tobacco level. 
Pico Form by Kolos

Pico Form by Kolos.

The Alien bowl looks similar to a cone. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it is completely shallow. Designed for clogging tobacco from 0,17 oz to 0,53 oz. With skillful preparation you can smoke such hookah for 40-70 minutes without losing the taste or the strength of the tobacco mix. 

The main task is to find the right amount of heat. The bowl enhances tobacco qualities despite the fact that there might be very little of it inside. These types of bowls are usually used for a solo, one person smoking  otherwise tobacco will burn way too fast. Alien bowls are made to slowly enjoy the fragrant and strong taste. It is mostly designed for fine-cut tobacco blends. This is a type of bowl for those who know how to handle a hookah and have mastered a certain level of packing. 

Alien Bowl by Werkbund
Alien Bowl by Werkbund.

Harmony does not really differ from the classic phunnel, but there are notches inside a crater that provide completely different air circulation inside the bowl. As a result, there is a lot of smoke and the strength is at the maximum level. 

Harmony Bowl by Mamay CustomsHarmony Bowl by Mamay Customs.

Old-School Phunnel.

Unlike other phunnels the old school ones have the hole without the raising center part. Instead of this there is a straight opening straight from the bottom. A top construction had a small cone form. For easy packing just close the hole with your finger or put a small foil ball inside.
The walls are rarely glazed so syrup is absorbed. 

Uniflow form.

Why is uniflow?
It’s easy. Air flows through the whole tobacco mixture. Prefix “uni” means that there are some holes in the bowl's bottom, usually there are 5-6. 
This helps to fully heat tobacco so it reveals the strength perfectly. We recommend starting your hookah-journey with uniflow bowls because they are universal and easy to use.

That name came from the origin country of the bowl’s shape. Turkish has a rounded bottom with 5-6 large holes, usually placed asymmetrically featuring thick bowl's walls. It is quite deep and accommodates a large amount of tobacco.

Turkish form.

Turkish form.

This is a very interesting bowl model that has been created relatively recently. It is designed for strong tobacco. However, it has large holes through which small chunks of tobacco can spill into a vase. Strong tobacco often has a very fine cut. That is why you need to make a tight pack in this bowl. It is shallow, has thick walls to preserve overheat and holes that give powerful traction. Tobacco is placed tightly on a flat bottom. 
The main advantage is the correct heat distribution. Tobacco does not need to be disturbed at all. Therefore, it is easy to achieve a large smoke strength. Evil is not suitable for liquid tobacco. 

Evil Form by Oblako and Kolos.

Evil Form by Kolos and Oblako.

In conclusion, there is no better way to choose your favorite bowl than to try each one! Find them in our store near you or order a delivery from our web site Smoxygen.com to any town across the USA!

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