What is the hookah construction?

There are many hookah supplies some of which look strange and incomprehensible, but once you collect them all the uncertainty will go away. Do you like LEGO? Here’s the same!

We can separate hookah set into 3 parts: the top, the middle and the lower part. This’s what the hookah device involves.

1. Top part: head adapter, head grommet, tray.

Head adapter

A conus on which the hookah bowl is put on. You can also use molasses catcher instead.

hookah head adapter


Head grommet 

A silicon detail in a form of conus. It’s essential to make a proper grip with a bowl. Choose the right size and thickness to make a better contact.

hookah Head grommet


Use it to shake off the charcoal ash. It is quite easy. They differ in size and curve. Some trays have raised edges, others are flat. Remember to avoid any rubbish on it.

hookah tray

2. Middle part: shaft, release valve, hose connector, base.


Shaft is the upper part of the hookah. Most often the shaft is a smooth tube that goes from the bowl to the vase. The main function’s to cool and purify the smoke due to the deposition of harmful particles on its walls. Usually the shaft is made of metal, much less often of other materials. The length and inner diameter are very important when choosing a hookah.

 hookah shaft

Release valve

The valve is used to remove excess smoke in the hookah vase. It is designed in a way that it shouldn’t let outside air into the shisha, but it is easy to let out smoke. When smoking a hookah with such a valve you can inhale through the mouthpiece hose and exhale. The smoke should easily escape through the opening in the valve. Most of the times a ball valve is installed in hookahs.

Release valve

Hose connectors

The internal connector is a hole at the base of the shaft into which the hookah hose is inserted. To keep it tight and tight there great minds have come up with several ways to attach the tube.


Hose connectors


It’s a detail put into the vase. The valve, connector and shaft connect to the base. Some types have a carving, so you can screw the hookah in a vase. Most popular shisha models have a silicone base grommet. Just put the hookah in a glass and that’s it.

3.Lower part: vase, base grommet, base, down stem, down stem diffuser.


There are various models, forms and colors of hookah vases. You can find the best one for any taste.

hookah vase


Base down stem and diffuser

It’s the lowest part of the shaft which is inserted into the vase. Diffuser makes the flow lighter and more comfortable. 

Now you’re ready to complete your hookah stuff. Find the best ones in our hookah shop.