About DSH (Dream Smoke Hookah)

About DSH hookah 


DSH (Dream Smoke Hookah) has been manufactured since 2015 and during this time has managed to gain a reputation for high-quality, harmonious and, most importantly, inexpensive hookahs for both home and lounges. DSH hookahs use only high-quality materials: stainless steel and polyacetal, which is the standard of the hookah industry today.


Having started production by placing outsourcing orders, DSH has grown to a full cycle of its own production with a volume of more than 1300 units/month. Initially, hookahs were made of aluminum with powder coating. By 2017, DSH hookahs began to be made of stainless steel with a caprolon base. And finally, at the present time hookahs are made entirely of stainless steel, and the latest lines are decorated with wooden decor.


DSH Heavy is the first stainless steel model with a removable diffuser. Confirming the name, the hookah is quite weighty;

DSH Wave – the model is functionally similar to Heavy, but has a sharper design;

DSH Eco — budget model with high technical performance. In addition, it has many color solutions.

DSH Mini – minimalistic hookah stick is made entirely of stainless steel.




The Heavy model is the first in the line of stainless steel hookahs, which reflects DSH philosophy – reliability, durability, conciseness. All parts of the shaft are made of high-quality AISI 304 stainless steel, thanks to which the hookah is not subject to corrosion and looks like new for many years. The device is quite heavy, its weight is ~ 2.7 kg ( 6 lb ). All threaded connections are easily twisted and perfectly fall into place. The connection of the shaft with the vase is made on the seal. The hose connector and the purge valve are attached to the hookah base on the inner O-ring. The hookah has an adjustable diffuser, which will allow you to independently adjust the flow to your liking.




The Wave hookah is an excellent example of a quality combination(thanks to the use of the latest technologies) and classic design, the main focus of which is minimalism.

Minimalism also applies to the color scheme of the shaft. By the way, about the mine itself – it differs from Heavy with ribbed cutouts along the entire length up to the base. The technical characteristics of the DSH Wave correspond to all modern parameters:


The inner diameter of the shaft is 16 mm.

The diameter of the connector is 12 mm.

The total height of the shaft is 55.5 cm.


The material of the DSH Wave mine is AiSi304 stainless steel, thanks to this the hookah will serve its owner for a long time, without losing the quality of taste. As it stated on the official website: "We are responsible for the quality of hookahs with the name." Due to the minimal differences in the diameters of the shaft, connector, hose and mouthpiece and, of course, due to the presence of a diffuser, the hookah pull turned out to be easy for the most comfortable smoking. You can buy a DSH Wave hookah right now on our website, but we will talk about the distinctive features below.


DSH Wave is in the "above average" price category, in which it has a significant number of competitors, for example, MattPear Simple M. They are similar in their parameters and design, so your choice should be made based on your personal preferences.


The advantages of the DSH Wave hookah are obvious – it is excellent quality and a price that corresponds to this quality. You can also note the good work of the support service and feedback. Well, the ability to choose a vase of any color is a great addition to all of the above.


In general, DSH Wave is perfect both as a gift and to replenish your home collection. It is also quite possible to use it as the main working device in premium hookah establishments.




The Eco model is the most budget model of the line, but with serious characteristics. DSH has worked hard to make quality affordable.


The hookah shaft, tray and mouthpiece are made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, the base is made of German polyacetal, and the lining on the shaft is made of painted aluminum. The hookah is equipped with a polyacetal diffuser that extends from the inner shaft. The hose connector and the purge valve are attached to the hookah base on the inner O-ring. The hookah is made in 8 bright, memorable colors.




DSH Mini is completely made of stainless steel. Despite the price of the hookah, it is already equipped with an adjustable diffuser in the basic configuration, which allows you to adjust the flow from classic (bubbling) to light diffuser in one movement. The base of the DSH hookah is also made of steel and is connected to the hose connector using lapping technology, when the joining parts are sealed without grommets, due to the minimum gap between them.


The set includes a tray, shaft, mouthpiece and diffuser. The height of the hookah is only 50 cm, which is convenient for use at home and outdoors. Convenient transportation is guaranteed to you as well. 


DSH hookahs have absorbed the best traditions of hookah engineering. All models have an external purge valve in their arsenal, as well as hose connectors using the "lapping" and O-ring technologies. Premium materials are used to finish the outer part of the steel shaft: polyacetal, stainless steel, stabilized wood.

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