Adalya Tobacco

Adalya Tobacco

At the beginning of the journey Adalya set the task to become a world leader. In mid-2016 the foundation of a new factory in Izmir was laid.

All Adalya products are made by using the fragrances that comply with the EU standards. Adalya’s currently the largest producer of hookah tobacco in Turkey. In a short time it has become a leader on all markets where its products are presented. The trademark "Adalya'' initially gained fame in Europe, and then began to spread further, reaching Asia and America.

Adalya Tobacco, which is a key player in this sector, pays attention to research and innovative development offering new and new products on the market.

The history of the brand

Adalya Tobacco is a global brand that appeared by a really experienced tobacco expert.  He was born in 1963 on tobacco plantations and graduated from university in 1986 with a degree in tobacco production engineering. He devoted himself to this sector for years, so then he started managing cafes and met tobacco again. The name of Adalya creator is hidden.

In 2004, cafe "Adalya'' was opened where in the process of fulfilling the visitors' wishes regarding hookah mixes and offering quality products, arosed the idea to create its own production. At first, production started under the acquired trademark and was designed only for domestic consumption, but in a short time export began to develop under the brand "Adalya '' and became a trademark known to hookah lovers.

Other products

Adalya produces not only hookah tobacco, but also hookah accessories such as tongs and bowls. There is also a brand “ATH”, that manufactures hookah shafts.

Cocodalya is a sub-brand for charcoal, available in a package of 1 kilo with 72 pieces inside.

Popular flavors

Love 66: passion fruit, watermelon, mint and honeydew melon

Ice Bonbon: really fresh and cool taste with rich candy aroma

Lady Killer: mango, sweet and sour berries and fresh melon

Doble Melon or Delons : rich melon and watermelon and double melon with ice

Mi Amor : banana and pineapple

Baku Night : multi fruits and mint and a touch of fruity gum 

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