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Alpha Hookah company appeared in 2016 and initially produced mouthpieces. Later Alpha Hookah was engaged in copies of OtIvana hookahs. But in 2018 the company gained fame and popularity with the releases of the Alpha Hookah X Model. Compact and stylish hookah for a reasonable price now can be found in almost any hookah bar in Europe!

Alpha Hookah produces hookahs and accessories with a unique design. Each hookah box includes a welcome letter addressed from the manufacturers to the final buyer. 

Let's take a look at Alpha Hookah products:

  • Hookahs:

    • Model X — the very first hookah model from this brand. It is also possible to buy branded designer saucers separately, which also are sold in our store.
    • Model S — after the breakthrough of Model X, Alpha’s team decided to redo the design a little, changing the decorative part of the mine and consequently, the purge. Model S has a double purge: up and sideways;
    • Kappa — extended version of Model X;
    • Beat — a new mini hookah with a unique purge system;

  • Accessories 

  • Alpha Hookah Model X

    This is a hookah with an excellent design, vertical purge, and magnetic connector under the hose.

    The Alpha Hookah Model X shaft is made of stainless steel with a decorative lining made of anodized aluminum. Metal saucer of stylish black color. The mouthpiece is made of anodized aluminum, painted in the color of the lining. A magnetic connector is used to attach the hose. The base is made of polyacetal.

    There’s a light vertical purge, which looks very impressive. Convenient removable diffuser that allows you to choose the desired flow.

    The size of the hookah is 42 cm, which makes it convenient for transportation and allows you to put it on the table without cluttering it. There are many different colors available in our store, which will allow you to decorate the design of an apartment or lounge.

    Features of the Alpha Hook Model X:

    - Stainless steel inner part;

    - Lining with slots for flow-valve made of anodized aluminum coated with powder paint;

    - Length of the down-shaft 185 mm;

    - The height of the visible part of the shaft is 160 mm;

    - German polyacetal base with original purge system


    1. Shaft;
    2. Soft-touch silicone hose
    3. Mouthpiece made of anodized aluminum;
    4. Tray
    5. Removable diffuser;
    6. Vase
    7. Magnetic connector;

    Alpha Hookah Beat

    Stylish and compact hookah in the urban style, made of stainless steel and polyacetal in a rich configuration

    Alpha Hookah Beat is a new hookah model that dictates the trends of urban thinking. The hookah has a modern design. Another interesting feature – the sound produced when the shaft is shaken, resembling the sound of a spray can with paint.

    The hookah is made of stainless steel, and as a result it does not absorb foreign odors and will last for many years without losing its original qualities. The decorative polyacetal lining gives the hookah a brutal and modern design, which perfectly combines with modern interiors.

    The rich configuration of the hookah simplifies the selection of the necessary components and accessories and allows you to save time and money, since the cost of the hookah in this configuration is really attractive.


    1. Shaft
    2. Mouthpiece
    3. Designed tray
    4. Soft Touch Silicone Hose
    5. Diffuser
    6. Vase
    7. Magnetic connector
    8. A set of grommets


    • High-quality stainless steel
    • German polyacetal

    Alpha Hookah Beat VNDL

    Hookah Alpha Hookah Beat VNDL is a mini hookah with an original flow-valve, adjustable flow and magnetic connector. The new design of the Beat model, which will emphasize your style and rhythm of life.

    A series imbued with rebellious spirit! Absolutely exclusive!

    A new VNDL design will destroy the usual stereotypes.

    Alpha Hookah Kappa

    Alpha Hookah Kappa is the oldest and tallest model of the Model X. Huge number of colors allows to choose a design that matches your style. Sophisticated, ergonomic and balanced design, premium finishing materials and modern technologies - all this best describes Alpha Hookah shishas.

    The hookah is medium-sized and its height including the vase is about 55cm. The mouthpiece is absolutely the same as the well-known Model X. Everything is qualitatively painted, including the tray with engraving on it.

    There is also a neon version! The hookah is painted in a very beautiful white color, glowing in the dark!

    All of it is packed in the coolest box with a handle, which is very convenient to carry around.

    Hookah Accessories

    Hookah art involves not only a careful approach to choosing the smoking device itself, but also a particularly careful selection of accessories for it.

    Alpha Hookah S Model 

    The flagship line of Alpha shishas. The noble materials and sprays, the colors of these hookahs resemble the colors of expensive sports cars and seem to declare their sophistication. 

    Today, Alpha hookah Model S is a kind of "style icon". Compact dimensions, ergonomically balanced design, premium materials and modern technologies – all describe the products of Alpha Hookah.

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