How to use Heat Management Device

Even the most avid hookah lovers will not always answer why it is used and how it looks. As a matter of fact, a heat management device (HMD) is about the same as foil but with its own nuances.

It's time to carefully study this original device, compare it with a more familiar foil and decide which is better?


Among the true hookah fans there are more and more people who purchase everything necessary for smoking at home and they are actively interested in any innovations in this area. They may have a question about how to use a heat management device and why is it even needed? In this regard there is a problem of choosing and buying an accessory as well as questions about the features of caring for it.

Heat management devices are much more practical than foil – and this is the main advantage of kalaud (another name for HMD). With kalaud the hookah timing is significantly reduced and the ease of use allows you to use it wherever you want. On top of all hookah charcoal is used more rationally, the heat is distributed as evenly as possible. It is impossible to ignore the stylish look of the new device. It fully corresponds to modern fashion trends.

However  if you decide to buy a kalaud for a hookah, first make sure that the chosen model fits your hookah bowl. Otherwise you will waste money. In addition, remember that the device is much more expensive than foil. Also it heats up stronger and faster therefore unpleasant sensations in the throat are possible, especially at first. But it happens rarely.

Kalaud is an exceptionally convenient device that allows you to accurately control the heat during smoking. It is made of metal, installed on top of a hookah bowl and contains embers. The use of this device provided with a convenient handle and cover allows you to abandon foil.


How to make a hookah with a kalaud and not to get burned at the same time.As a matter of fact everything is simple. There are three steps for preparation:

  1. Heat 3 or 4 hookah coals properly.
  2. Open the cover and put two square hookah charcoals on the edges and two on top of each side.
  3. Place the accessory on a hookah bowl with tobacco. Wait for 3-5 minutes and start smoking.

Enjoy the hookah and control the heat at the same time. If it’s too strong  lift the accessory and cool it. Then get it back. The process is repeated as necessary.

Now you know how to use a heat management device, there is nothing complicated about it. No need to suffer with foil holes making and adjusting. However  it is extremely difficult to prevent hookah tobacco from contacting hot coals.


While choosing this modern hookah accessory you should pay special attention to the metal it is made from. The best material is stainless steel. The cover should be installed easily and tightly fixed in the closed position.

Like any other element of a hookah set kaloud needs regular care and maintenance after each use:

  • The device is cleaned off tobacco with the tongs or a brush with hard bristles.
  • The residue on the cover surface is washed off from contamination using citric acid or baking soda. The use of synthetic detergents isn’t supposed.

Learned how to pack the best hookah bowl with a heat management device, you’ll quickly realize the convenience of this method. It’s important to have a high quality hookah accessory. Modern hookah smoking devices can be purchased in our Smoxygen online shop. On the website you’ll find an extensive range of fashionable and convenient devices.