Gifts for hookah enthusiast: 5 ideas

It’s Christmas coming! If you as many of us still don’t know which present to give your friends, we have 5 nice solutions. Check the list below.

First of all, you should determine the budget: for example, you can take a new stylish Alpha Hookah Model X for $199 or save some money and pay $44.99 for an essential molasses catcher. We picked out 5 types of gifts which you can buy right now. 

  • New hookah setup

  • Hookah enthusiasts always want something new and unique to feel confident, full and happy. Even if your friend already has a hookah, you can choose a new one. For example, devices for outdoor activities or shisha with interesting and unforgettable designs. 

    If you know that your friend loves both comics and hookah smoking, think about Union Hookah Sleek Comics. There’re so many choices for any wish! And you can also take the appropriate hookah bowl. Amazing setup of Union Hookah and Kong Bowl, isn’t it?

      union hookah

    For art-lover check the Alpha Hookah model: a full setup of hookah shaft, vase, hose and mouthpiece! High quality with amazing design. World-popular brand is a perfect gift for any shisha lover.

    Alpha hookahalpha hookah art

  • Smoxygen gift card 
  • Sometimes it’s better to give not a final gift, but an opportunity to choose the  hookah present ourselves. If your friend has extraordinary taste, Smoxygen Gift Card is the best choice. Accept the desired amount and make an order on Smoxygen website. Denomination from $25 to $500, but you can take as many cards as you need.

    Smoxygen Store gift card  

  • Pack of favorite tobacco flavors

  • Rich taste is what we love hookah for! Do you know which brands and flavors your friend enjoys? Collect them into one big gift! Hopefully, we have a large amount of hookah tobacco brands and tastes. 

    Take into account the Eternal Smoke Series: the packs of 5 flavors with different taste types. For example, Extreme Series for hookah experts who want experimentations or Cool Series for those who enjoy the freeze flavors with mint.

    And don’t forget about modern worldwide famous hookah tobacco brand such as Musthave or Element: they have so many types of tastes and a huge recognition around the world.

  • Accessory pack

  • Every hookah enthusiast loves nice accessories, but these devices can be useful and simplify life. Molasses catcher saves the tobacco syrup and tobacco leaves into the device not letting them fall into the vase. It helps to keep water clean.

    Another idea is a heat keeper device (kalaud). It’s more convenient then foil, but any hookah junkie has at least 2 kalaouds. so present him the new stylish heat management device!

    And bowls. They need to be changed every 3-6 months. Choose one new bowl with an interesting bright or minimalistic elegant design and let your friend enjoy the rich hookah taste!

  • Year’s supply of charcoals

  • Charcoal is an essential part of hookah preparation and smoking. Make this Christmas present amazing and funny: give your friend a pack of some charcoal boxes. Or buy different hookah charcoals brands to try them and compare to find the best shisha charcoal ever!

    We’re sure that your Christmas hookah gift will be the best one! Merry Christmas and have funny holidays! 

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