Molasses catcher: save the syrup


Pure water in a vase without syrup and pieces of tobacco? This is more than realistic with such a device as a molasses catcher. A special component for a hookah, which stands between the main shaft (above the tray) and the bowl, collecting and retaining droplets of syrup, as well as small tobacco leaves falling through the holes in the bowl.Β 

Unlike smoking somewhere in lounges, hookah at home requires good care. Otherwise, over time, pleasant sensations can deteriorate due to foreign odors, an unkempt hookah can even negatively affect your health. Therefore, after each session, you need to thoroughly clean all the components of the hookah.

But only care is not enough for a device to work at a high level, so you need to use different accessories, such as adapters and diffusers. Adapters help to better connect different parts of the hookah to each other. And the diffuser improves flow.

Also during operation you will need special accessories that greatly facilitate the work of hookah. Among the mandatory accessories you should have charcoal tongs, foil or kalaud, a personal or disposable mouthpiece, as well as cleaning products.

In order to protect the most inaccessible part of the hookah, the shaft, from contamination, a special molasses catcher device is used.

What is a molasses catcher

The molasses catcher is a simple device in design usually made of stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant material and is designed to delay syrup and large particles that can get from the bowl into the shaft. The device helps to avoid contamination of the hookah shaft and ensure high quality hookah smoking. The molasses catcher prolongs the service life of hookah, and also greatly simplifies its cleaning.

Advantages of the molasses catcher

The molasses catcher has such advantages for your hookah:

  • Protects the shaft from corrosion and contamination.
  • With this device the taste of the smoking mixture is guaranteed to be clean, without unpleasant odors of burning and syrup in the shaft.
  • It is easy to take care of the device, it is enough to rinse it under running water.
  • It is important to note that the device protects the shaft from the ingress of syrup and large particles, but small particles will still get inside.
  • Water in a vase also stays cleaner for a longer time.

How to choose a suitable molasses catcher

Before choosing this accessory, you need to take into account that it is installed not on the grommet, but on the screw, so it will fit those hookahs that have a collapsible design and have a screw on the shaft. There are models of different shapes and made of different rust-resistant materials. You can choose any option that fits the diameter. Before buying, it is better to measure the diameter of the shaft.

The molasses catcher is not a mandatory accessory for a hookah. Without it your hookah can last much longer with careful care and proper selection of the bowl and smoking mixture. But the accessory greatly facilitates the use of the hookah.Β 

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