How to work with different types of hookah tobacco

    Hookah smoking process has many parameters. Choice of a specific charcoal, device model, type and material of the bowl. However, the fundamental parameter is hookah tobacco, which determines the strength and taste characteristics.

Fortunately, the final results depend only on you. After all, you can control absolutely all the parameters of smoking and adjust the saturation of smoke.

Some tobaccos are stronger, others have more pronounced taste. Some can be smoked for 1.5-2 hours, others burn out in half an hour. In this article we will try to figure out what these parameters depend on, how to control them and from which side to approach their choice in certain cases.

Not heat resistant

If you are using temperature-sensitive tobacco, use a silicone bowl and put no more than 2-3 coals. Basically, non-heat-resistant mixtures are based on Virginia tobacco with coarse leaf cutting, so ask in advance what characteristics of the mixture you are purchasing.

We recommend packing it in a Turkish type of bowl with a little space from its top point. Don’t put the hot kaloud on it and warm the tobacco up with 2-3 cubes of charcoals for 3-5 minutes.

Mix it with other tobacco or tea mixtures, but be careful. If you pack a bowl both with not heat-resistant tobacco and heat resistant, the number of heat for each type will be different. So it is better to put not heat-resistant tobacco on the bottom of the bowl. This way it will not overheat. 

Examples of brands:

Heat-resistant tobacco

It is really easy to work with this shisha tobacco type. You only need to pack it in a bowl and give it enough heat to warm up. Usually it’s about 5-7 minutes depending on the type of tobacco leaf. For example, Burley tobacco needs a little more time to reveal the rich taste! 

Mixing with other tobacco-you can put this type on the top layer. Even if hot kalaud will “touch” the tobacco, it will not burn out. So this type of tobacco is the best one for “overpack” type of bowl packing. 

The list of the most heat-resistant tobacco for hookah includes the following brands:

Well-syruped tobacco

That is how tobacco with a rich amount of syrup is called. The level of aroma depends on the number of syrup, tobacco leaf and other characteristics. But officially well-syruped flavors are richer than others. But it has some features at the same time.

Syrup is a liquid substance, so it can easily leak from tobacco to a shaft and vase through the holes in a bowl. So it’s better to use phunnel bowls to save the syrup and enjoy the high level of taste.

Examples of brands:

Strength boosters

If you want to make hookah stronger you can put a strength booster in a bowl. We’ll devote information about boosters in another article, but now let’s take a brief view on it.

To make a mixture stronger, put only about 10% of the booster in a bowl and mix it with other tobacco there. Hookah booster has to be evenly distributed throughout the whole package. 

Examples of brands:

  • Doha;
  • Frigate.

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