American hookah tobacco brands


   There are so many shisha tobacco brands today from different countries all over the world. But what are the local American hookah tobacco brands?

Starting with light tobacco, such as Fumari, Starbuzz, and for sure, Tangiers – strong premium tobacco, rightfully bearing the title of the best tobacco for hookah. Each of these tobacco brands has a wide palette of flavors and its own characteristics, for example: Fumari has its own unusual syrup, tobacco itself is very moist, but at the same time, now it is one of the most heat-resistant tobaccos. It will take an incredibly long time to try all the flavors of every American tobacco, but at least every hookah connoisseur should try the main ones.

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Starbuzz hookah tobacco

Starbuzz hookah tobacco is a premium tobacco from the USA. Light and smoky shisha tobacco with an interesting line of flavors (more than 100). The top-3 of the most popular flavors include Blue Mist, Code 69, Pirate's Cave. Having appeared in 2005, the brand quickly became popular among both amateurs and long-time fans of hookah smoking. American tobacco Starbuzz refers to premium quality products, thanks to constant quality control and compliance with high manufacturing standards. Starbuzz premium tobacco is light, super smoky with a rich taste and aromatics.

Classic syrup and tobacco leaf of the Virginia variety, nicotine content is about 0.05% (as in Al  Fakher), packages of 100g or 250g in metal jars. Inside a round iron jar you will see a transparent bag with a logo, inside this bag is another one, but already with tobacco. It has been done to preserve the juiciness and freshness of tobacco as much as possible. What do we see when we open the bags? Very moist, juicy, well-grounded tobacco floating in syrup. One of the distinctive features of Starbuzz is very rich taste.

Azure hookah tobacco

Azure quickly found its own fans. This product stands out from a large number of brands whose origin was initially in doubt. Azure is manufactured in the state of California. It is 100% South American tobacco.

Azure Tobacco Inc. started developing and creating tobacco in the state of California in 2015. The manufacturer came up with 2 lines, differing in their strength – Gold line and Black line.

Gold is a light tobacco, in the production of which there is a tobacco leaf of the famous Virginia variety. The cutting of the product and the humidity are average. From the outside, Azur tobacco resembles Fumari. It is characterized as a smoky and heat-resistant product.

Black is a brutal tobacco made from 2 types of leaf – Burley and Virginia. The level of strength is similar to Element Earth, but at a level below the hookah tobacco brand Tangiers. The mixture is characterized by fine slicing, optimal humidity and stickiness, the consistency is simply fluffed.

The heat resistance is the highest, tobacco is restored after overheating. The taste is perfectly preserved until the end of the smoke.

Azure tobacco is packed in bags weighing 50g, equipped with a Zip-Lock latch. A personal design has been developed for each of the 2 lines.


We have already written about Tangiers in this article It is important that tobacco is considered a kind of standard all over the world and is distinguished by its wide palette of flavors and the presence of several lines:

  • NOIR: a classic strong ruler (Yellow packaging).
  • Burley: strong ruler (Purple packaging).
  • Birquq: an average ruler in terms of strength. (Green packaging)
  • F-Line Caffeinated: a strong line, with caffeine. Not being produced at the moment.
  • Lucid: a lighter washed tobacco, with a low nicotine content. Not being produced at the moment


Fumari is an American hookah tobacco, very popular all over the world. The line includes about 40 flavors, among which are particularly successful and bright, such as Spiced Chai, Blueberry Muffin, Ambrosia, White Gummi Bear. Fumari is made from Virginia leaf, has a low strength, rich taste and high smokiness.

Fumari hookah appeared in 2008-2009 from San Diego, California. Fumari tobacco was initially positioned as a replacement for another American shisha brand – Starbuzz. Fumari is best smoked in a silicone bowl, tobacco is very moist, and a silicone bowl will preserve the taste of tobacco much longer. An ordinary Turkish will also do, which will give a huge amount of smoke.

Fumari is an American hookah tobacco with a wide palette of flavors. There are about 40 flavors in the Fumari line, among which about 10 are particularly successful and bright. The name Fumari has been known since 1997, when the first FUMARI hookah bar was opened in San Diego. Until now, hookahs in this institution are made on this tobacco and there is no end for those who want to visit it. Fumari tobacco is packed in branded black bags that ensure complete tightness. Each of them is signed and has a transparent part for visual contact with the tobacco mixture to assess its qualities.

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