Hookah Accessories


No device is complete without all kinds of accessories, and the hookah isn't an exception. When you purchase any hookah, be prepared that its use won’t end only with the purchase of hookah tobacco. It’s possible to conduct high-quality hookah ceremonies only if there’re suitable hookah accessories.

Kaloud (Heat management device)

Kalaud’s an alternative to foil, and it makes hookahs much easier to handle. Heated charcoal is placed inside. Kalaud makes it easy to regulate the heat and spend less time collecting hookah and preparing it.


An extremely essential hookah accessory. It’ll be impossible to smoke hookah without an appropriate and quality bowl. There’re many forms, designs and types of them, but the main purpose of it is to put tobacco inside. Heating itself saves heat for the inner tobacco to make it reveal the whole spectrum of taste. We’ve already posted the article about the bowls, so you can check them here and here. 


Another essential device is tongs. The tongs are designed for shifting coals, thanks to them you can remove and put on the wind cover without burning yourself. By the way, the hookah wind cover is also on the list of important purchases for a hookah, as it allows you to maintain the heat from the coals longer.

Foil Poker and fork

This type of hookah accessory is needed to simplify the work with tobacco. You can use foil pokers and forks to mix the tobacco inside the jar and make a package loopy. And you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

Foil Poker also has one more function: the ability to make small holes on the surface of the foil. If you still use foil instead of kaloud, this device is for you.

Molasses catcher

The syrup from the bowl with tobacco won’t get into the shaft and, lately, into the vase. Instead, it accumulates in the catcher. The hookah shaft remains much cleaner, and, changing the bowl, there’s no need to wash the shaft every time in order to eliminate the syrup and aroma from the previous tobacco packages.


It performs functions such as noise absorption and improved smoke filtration. The diffuser allows you to smoke hookah almost silently, however, many hookah enthusiasts like the noise of bubbling liquid.

Many people enjoy combining hookah smoking with watching movies or sincere conversations, but if the hookah is made without a diffuser, you’ll hear the bubbling of water. After installing the diffuser, the noise will decrease significantly. A trifle, but nice. 


A brush’s a necessary accessory for cleaning a hookah. Hookah is a tube construction and it’s not convenient to clean it with a sponge, so it’s better to get a brush. We advise you to get a brush of two sizes. One is wider – for cleaning the flask. And one is longer and narrower –  for cleaning the shaft. A well-groomed hookah will retain its original appearance for a long time and, of course, will serve you longer.

Disposable mouthpieces

The function of the mouthpiece is extremely hygienic, you can't smoke without them if a large company has gathered together to relax and smoke. The mouthpiece is useful even if the hookah is used by a small number of people, as this small device also protects you from harmful microbes and other dirt that sometimes accumulates on the hose.


The metal cap is needed to increase the heat from the coal. In addition, it allows you to protect yourself from accidental falling of coal.

Take a closer look at our catalog and you’ll find how diverse the selection of hookah accessories is, and each of them makes smoking even easier and more enjoyable!