Tangier's Tobacco

About Tangier's Tobacco

Tangiers hookah tobacco is an American tobacco known for its strength and interesting rich flavors.

Tobacco is available in packages of 100, 250, 500 and 1000 gr. The most popular package is 250 gr. Tangiers is a legend among hookah tobacco, so let’s look deeper!

This tobacco was created by chemist Eric Hoffman. The scientist implemented his knowledge of chemistry in hookah tobacco manufacture.

Eric Hoffman started developing tobacco almost in the garage. In 2001 there were the first attempts to create a product, and in 2005 – the first sales. Every year tobacco gained popularity, but the creator himself never said that it was premium tobacco. The buyers did it for him.

The features

According to the manufacturer's recommendation, after the pack’s opening this hookah tobacco should undergo acclimatization. What is it and how to properly acclimate Tangiers?

Hookah tobacco acclimatization is a process when excess moisture leaves tobacco and only syrup remains on the raw material.

It is necessary to acclimatize only the F-Line and Noir lines.

Acclimatization instructions:

  1. Put tobacco from the package on an open surface. Spread it in a thin layer and leave it to “breath” for 4 hours.
  2. After 4 hours, put the Tangiers in a container and leave it for 20 hours.
  3. Done, you can pack this tobacco.

Tangiers strength

Tangiers tobacco is strong enough and it will probably be hard to smoke for beginners. The raw material from which tobacco is made is unwashed Burley tobacco leaves. Different additives can be used in different lines.

Tangiers shisha tobacco has 5 lines:

  1. NOIR – a classic strong line (Yellow packaging)
  2. Burley – strong line (Purple packaging)
  3. Birquq – a medium-strength line. (Green packaging)
  4. F-Line Caffeinated – a strong line with caffeine. Not being produced now.
  5. Lucid – a lighter washed tobacco, with a low nicotine content. Not being produced now.

How to pack Tangiers 

There is an Eric Hoffman’s video on YouTube where he is packing his Tangier tobacco in a bowl  himself. 

Eric Hoffman himself was the first who suggested packing tobacco tightly and putting it with a fork. He also came up with a Phunnel-type bowl. We have already written about it here.


As a result, it is better to smoke Tangiers tobacco with Phunnel, tightly laying tobacco to the outer walls of the bowl. You can also smoke it on the Turkish bowl with fluffy-airy packing, then tobacco will reveal its entire strength, but only few people will be able to smoke it.

There are several features of the Tangiers tobacco preparation: it is better to pack it not airily, but tightly. This tobacco is difficult to overheat, it is better to warm up a bowl for 5 minutes before smoking. It is recommended to use these types of bowl: special Tangiers, Alien or Harmony, but it will smoke no worse on a classic bowl. 

Tangiers flavors

The number of flavors that the company has created over its entire operation is more than 140 pieces. But we created a list of our favorite ones below.

Top-7 Tangiers flavors

  1. Cane Mint
  2. Orange Soda
  3. Mimon
  4. Horchata
  5. Ololiuqui
  6. Welsh Cream
  7. Kashmir Peach

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