Union Hookah: about brand and products

  In 2017, Union Hookah began its work with several samples that were distributed for a  test. Now Union Hookah is a company with hookahs  smoked in more than 35 countries around the world. Including Europe, the Arab Emirates and the USA.

"We want the whole world to know about us. We are constantly developing and improving our technologies. We fill our hookahs with world history and heritage to make the hookah smoking culture something more"

Union Hookah is a high-quality hookah decorated with natural wood linings. For inexpensive models, ash is used. There are also exclusive models made of exotic woods. The material of manufacture for metal parts is stainless steel. The products are characterized by practicality and stylish design. They are considered one of the best hookahs that are currently available for sale.

Complete set of Union Hookah

The design of hookahs includes a shaft, tray, connector, mouthpiece and grommets. They are delivered in convenient suitcases with handles and lodgements. You can pick up any vase and hose to them. The diameter of the neck should be 45 mm. In addition, you can buy a diffuser or a Union bag for storing and transporting hookah.

Advantages of Union hookahs

The main advantages of Union Hookah products include:

  • high quality of manufacture;
  • use of materials resistant to oxidation and corrosion;
  • presence of wooden linings;
  • practicality;
  • convenience;
  • excellent smoking characteristics.

Union Hookah Models

Union has 3 shisha models: Sleek, Fibonacci, Argument. Each of them has different lines. For example, at Smoxygen.com you will find a wide selection of Union Sleek hookahs.

The Sleek model is the first Union’s hookah. Hookah "for all the money." Aesthetics, tactile sensations, ease of use – Union Hookah tried to achieve the maximum in every aspect, maintaining a low price at the same time.

Wood and acrylic are used for the linings, which give the hookah a unique style.

In this case, the lining on the mouthpiece and the shaft are made of the same material. Therefore, in the process of smoking, you will feel what decor is and what you are paying money for. Despite the rather compact size, such hookahs are convenient to use. They have light flow, interesting design and long service life.

Union Hookah chose the most practical materials available. All metal parts are made of materials resistant to oxidation and corrosion. No painted aluminum, only stainless steel, wood, acrylic and high-quality Delrin plastic.

At the moment there are 5 lines of Union Sleek in our store:

Original wooden linings made of ash covered with colored oil on a natural basis. Available in three colors: Caramel, Coffee, Silver.

     2. Comic
Your favorite DC, Marvel, cartoon characters from childhood and games. In general, any of your fantasies on the mine of your hookah. Right now, hookahs featuring Iron Man, Captain America, Bart Simpson and other heroes are available in Smoxygen Store.

     3. Stabilized wood (STAB)
Stabilized wood is a rare material at the junction of nature and technology. A little special polymer and wood give birth to a real magic of color and shape. Available in colors: blue, gray, green.

     4. Crackle
Hookah made in the style of "crackle". Aesthetic coating in the form of cracks on the paint , also available in various colors.

     5. Volt
The lining made of natural wood has an unusual pattern and texture, as if it had recently been struck by lightning.

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