What a hookah diffuser is?

More recently, for most people hookah was something unusual and outlandish. Hookah smoking’s becoming increasingly popular, and its technology’s improving. Manufacturers offer new useful accessories and components, one such useful accessory is a hookah diffuser.

Why do you need a diffuser?

Diffusers’re used in hookahs to separate the main stream of smoke and create hundreds of small bubbles, instead of ordinary several large ones. Such an effect carries several advantages:

  1. Smoother smoke flow through the hookah,
  2. More thorough filtering,
  3. Reducing the overall noise during the hookah session.

What is a diffuser in a hookah?

The diffuser is a nozzle on the lower part of the shaft. It can be made of various materials, but the most common are:

  • Metal, 
  • Silicone,
  • Plastic.

The diffuser has the form of a cap or a small piece of pipe. In some models, the diffuser is sealed at one end. There’re a large number of small holes on the surface of the nozzle.

The accessory’s put on the end of the inner part of the shaft. It’s fixed with a seal on the shaft or built into the diffuser. Oring seals’re also very often used. Some manufacturers have provided a threaded connection on the hookah shaft to attach the accessory. 

How much water should you pour?

Using the nozzle increases the length of the shaft and, accordingly, the liquid level in the vase will be different.

Some manufacturers make special notches on the shaft to control the amount of liquid. The water level before the notch should be within 2-2.5 cm.

But if the diffuser isn’t the same brand as the hookah shaft, the amount of liquid will have to be determined experimentally. Pour the water gradually. First, it should completely cover the nozzle, then add another 1.5-2 cm.

With or without a diffuser?

It's up to you to use a hookah with or without a diffuser. This accessory’ll make smoking more comfortable, easy, and virtually silent.

If you like classic flow, you can safely smoke a hookah without a diffuser. But if you don't like how loud the hookah gurgles or just wanted new sensations, the diffuser’ll solve the problem. Moreover, it’s inexpensive. And some hookahs have it already included. For example, Matt Pear and Alpha Hookah.