Matt Pear hookah


MattPear was founded in 2015 when its founders followed the dream of producing first-class hookahs.

Almost immediately, the hookah community became aware of the brand, thanks to its patented technology of magnetic connection to the hose with the MattPear Port base. This invention became a real breakthrough in the industry and secured the status of a pioneer for the brand.

To this day, such magnetic connections are used by many manufacturers around the world.

Hookah Simple M literally shook the industry. Unprecedented convenience and sophisticated style combined with advanced technology.

A model equipped with branded magnetic ports embodies elegance and durability. Simple M won the title of “The Best Hookah of 2016" according to John Calliano Awards, and later became a bestseller worldwide, selling more than 50,000 copies.

The global recognition of the brand was swift and irrevocable. Thanks to the first-class level of service and responsive customer support, MattPear has become in demand all over the world. MattPear is sometimes even equated with Apple. Even their logo in the form of a pear is a reference to the famous apple.

The brand's products are represented in 45 countries around the world, and the total number of hookahs sold exceeds 110,000 copies.

MattPear Simple M hookah

Hookah, which has become a real bestseller on the world market of hookah equipment.

Over 52,917 units of the Simple M have been sold in more than 40 countries around the world. Many people have sincerely loved Simple M.

The simplicity of design solutions makes Simple M a truly universal hookah. This model is integrated into absolutely any interior and turns from high-class hookah equipment into an indispensable element of style.

Stainless steel accents emphasize the elegance of the shapes, and the hard, wear-resistant polyacetal allows to produce this model in two colors: black and white.

Shaft Cone

Made in a classic form, it allows you to use any bowls: both ceramic and silicone.


Made of stainless steel with corrugation, prevents charcoal from fading below.

Composite shaft

It’s made of stainless steel with a decorative overlay made of high-quality polyacetal.

Hookah Base

Made of high-quality polyacetal.

MattPear Port

Magnetic ports connect the purge valve and connector to the hookah base.


Make the smoking process soft. 

In 2017, MattPear presented its innovative development – the world's first patented method of magnetic connection MattPear Port Connection. This’s a fundamentally new design of collapsible ports at the base of the hookah, which revolutionized the hookah industry and determined the further development path of the company.

MattPear Mini S hookah

Mini S is a truly great achievement in creating a hookah that is comfortable in every sense. MattPear combines miniaturization and reliability, functionality and ease of maintenance. 

The Mini S is equipped with a proprietary quick-release saucer on lapping.

With this arrangement, you don’t need to change the water in a vase when you take off the bowl during the session. It will take no more than 5 minutes, whereas a full service of a regular hookah requires about 15-20 minutes. 

The Mini S is equipped with a unique stainless steel mouthpiece with a thickened handle. It fits your hand perfectly and has pleasant heaviness. The mouthpiece is perfectly combined with an obedient SoftTouch silicone hose. It exactly repeats the slightest movements of the hands controlling the mouthpiece. It’s a pleasure to manipulate this mouthpiece.

The Mini S, like any MattPear product, is technically perfect. All thanks to multi-stage metal processing. It starts with high-tech metalworking machines, and ends with bringing every detail to the ideal manually.

The Mini S is incredibly compact. Its assembly height is only 41 cm. It’s very convenient, because the hookah doesn’t take up much space at home, so it’s easy to take it outdoors or use in lounges.

The pleasure from Mini S begins with a spectacular and aesthetic gift box. Feel the quality only by tearing off the packaging film!

Working with Mini S is easy. The hose fits securely to the base and is also easily disconnected, thanks to tMattPear Port magnetic connection system.

The new MattPear magnet is able to withstand moisture for several times longer, which means it won’t require replacement for even longer.

MattPear Ready S Hookah

Affordable hookah from a reliable brand. The optimized design not only provides unique traction and ease of use of the hookah, but also makes this model the most affordable in the MattPear line. The price for this model is lower thanks to MattPear's design. Like all MattPear models, Ready S is a reliable hookah with premium quality.

Shaft Cone

Made of stainless steel.


Stainless steel. The corrugation on the tray prevents the charcoal from fading below.

Demountable shaft

Shaft is made of precision tubing used in nuclear and space industries. It is disassembled into two parts for convenient storage and transportation.

Demountable mouthpiece and branded hose

For easy storage new Ready mouthpiece is disassembled into 3 small parts. A simplified Lite mouthpiece is also available.

Hookah Base

Made of stainless steel. It includes a built-in purge valve and a connector with a MattPear Port magnetic connection.

Submersible tube

Made of precision tube. 2 risks on the tube will help determine the water level in a vase.


Built into the immersion tube. Gives the smoking process softness due to the crushing of air fractions.

These 3 models are available in Smoxygen store.