What Space Smoke is?


Space Smoke hookah paste is a perfect choice for smokers looking to get an unforgettable smoking experience. This powerful and flavorful blend is composed of all-natural ingredients that create big clouds while delivering a deliciously sweet taste and aroma. 

It offers a unique smoking sensation without any chemicals or artificial ingredients, allowing users to enjoy premium flavors while avoiding harsh smoke. 

About hookah paste

Space Smoke is an innovative mineral-based hookah mixture with nicotine content. The paste has been developed and tested for 2 years.

60% of people who smoke hookah prefer it to be light. This makes paste indispensable for them. Space Smoke took a look at  hookah mixture in a new way and developed an innovative mineral base. Manufacturers have brought new formula  to replace traditional hookah tobacco. This provided a number of advantages:

  • Heat resistance
  • Rich taste
  • Smokiness
  • Duration
  • Interruption
  • Less harm

What is in the composition

  1. Mineral base

A natural absorbent is 100% natural minerals crushed to microscopic particles. Provides incredibly natural flavor and high heat resistance.

  1. Purified glycerin

Purified food glycerin (99%) is used to produce the paste. It is what allows you to achieve an ideal consistency and a high level of smokiness.

  1. Food flavorings

The composition of the paste uses food flavors identical to natural ones from premium European manufacturers. Therefore, throughout the hookah session you’ll enjoy a rich taste.

  1. Liquid nicotine

The paste doesn’t contain tobacco. Natural nicotine of direct extraction from high-quality Burley tobacco leaf is used for this hookah production. Thanks to liquid nicotine, the hookah will surprise you with a smooth relaxing effect.

How to use Space Smoke: instructions

There are 3 ways to pack the Space Smoke hookah paste:

  1. Solo. There are more than 10 flavors in the Space Smoke line that can be smoked individually or endlessly mixed together.
  2. Paste with tobacco. Pasta can be packed not only solo, but also in various versions of combinations with tobacco. The paste mix increases the heat-resistant and taste characteristics of tobacco, increasing the duration of its smoking.

  1. Resuscitation. If your hookah has quickly lost its original characteristics, a small amount of Space Smoke hookah paste will be able to "revive" it, returning a bright and rich taste and high smoke density. You’ll be able to continue smoking asap.

How to work with Space Smoke hookah paste

  1. The paste has a dense liquid consistency, so it can leak into the shaft through the holes. Therefore, use only Phunnel type bowls.

  1. We recommend packing 10-15gr of hookah paste with the space from the kaloud or foil.

  1. The hookah paste’s very heat-resistant and it needs to be warmed up enough to reveal the taste. Therefore, heat it with 4 25mm charcoal cubes for 8 minutes with a windcoveer or 12 minutes without it.

  1. Marmecola — Marmalade with cola flavor
  2. Marmecola Zero — Nicotine free cola-flavored marmalade
  3. Small Giant — Rich sweet and sour passion fruit
  4. Chocometeor — Sweet pie with chocolate and cream
  5. Peachyan — Delicate mousse of ripe peaches and juicy apricots
  6. Monster Green — Refreshing green mix of pieces of aloe, sweet kiwi and amazing lime
  7. Cranberry Strike — Sweet and sour cranberries
  8. Nuts Rain — Sweet nut paste.
  9. Moon Blackcurrant — Sweet Forest Blackcurrant
  10. Orange Clouds — Juicy tart orange with a little sourness
  11. Grapefruit Spirit — Sweet and tart mix of grapefruit and tropical lychee
  12. Milky Crunch — Delicate mix of cashew nut milk and cream
  13. Saturing — Rich combination of several types of pineapple
  14. Hyper Jump — Classic taste of energy drink

Space Smoke hookah paste comes in many recharging flavors such as Nuts Rain, Green Monster, Marmecola and so on. All of these exquisite tastes provide an enhanced experience every time you warm them up. So give Space Smoke hookah paste today a try – you won’t regret it!

Space smoke

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